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I can’t honestly be the only one who gets really disappointed if their calendar picture for the month of their birthday is rubbish, right?

i have been waiting for this post my whole life

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Skrillex’s new album is good!


NASA recently released imagery showing the deforestation of America  …in just 34 years.

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Something is peeking out of one of my pots. Of course I forgot to label them so it’s anyone’s guess what I’ve got growing right now.


Tumblr Community Garden Give-away!

I’m creating a community garden one Tumblr user at a time!

The prize:

13 different types of seeds for growing herbs and veggies:


Red Current Tomato


Buttercrunch lettuce


Pole Beans



Banana  Pepper

and more - many are heirloom seed that can be regrown from the new fruit

15 bio-degradable Jiffy Pots

5 up-cycled planter pots

Ice cream pail for a big plant (tomato?)

Dish pan with holes for lettuce bed

Homemade, hand-bound book for garden journal

Mother Earth News’ Guide to Growing your Own Food

8 quarts of potting soil

Organic vegetable fertilizer

Coconut coir from our coconuts to place in bottom of pots for better drainage

-Following tropicalhomestead appreciated but not necessary
-reblog this post at least once AND include a note why you want to win
-no giveaway blogs
-likes don’t count -reblog so everyone can have a chance to start growing their own food

-I also hope the winner will keep us updated on mini-garden progress!

Give-away open to March 7, 2014. I’ll pick a winner by March 15.

Good luck - and don’t worry if you’re not a winner this time - I hope this is just the first of many~

i will show this garden at atomatogrowsinqueens.com!!


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my babyyy cherry tomatoes n lil peppers <3


A brief history of the snowball fight.

This is Princeton’s football team

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More garden pics. 

Probably seems weird, doing all this potting indoors, but by keeping the bag of soil in the garage and only getting as much as I need and then potting on a cut up garbage bag in my office, I haven’t had to deal with any fungus gnats. That’s a serious bonus, considering they drove me crazy last year. 

Of course, I have the other problem of being completely out of space for all the plants. I have half as many as last year and I’m still struggling. 

That seems far more effort than its worth for a tomato.

You’ve clearly never tasted a sun gold blistered in a pan with fresh, hand-made gnocchi. 

And if you’re talking about the soil, it’s not that big a deal at all. It’s no more difficult than potting out of doors, where I’d have to hose down my patio after anyway. Starting them indoors is fun, of course, but it also protects them from the million or so pests that might eat them before they ever bear fruit. It also extends my growing season, increasing the amount of fruit I can get before it gets too cold for the plant to keep producing.

Growing tomatoes at home is the only way to really get the depth and breadth of flavor from their varieties that you might want if you know anything about tomatoes. Like the fact that most tomatoes at your supermarket were picked green and exposed to ethylene gas to ripen it prematurely, resulting in a hard, often grainy, bland tomato—not even worth a spot on your hamburger—because that makes them easier to pack and ship and extends their shelf life. Good for the supermarket, bad for you. 

The ethylene gas isn’t dangerous, of course—tomatoes produce it naturally when it’s time to ripen. But that’s the thing, the plant itself produces the gas when the time is right—after the flavor has developed in the fruit—not when it’s convenient. 

I could get a lot of different kinds of tomatoes at farmer’s markets, but I would have to spend a lot of money to get as many tomatoes as I’m getting for the cost of running the grow lights and potting soil. In my case, I’d save on that if I composted and made my own soil, but I don’t have room. My neighbors would complain. Last year, I was drowning in tomatoes because my dwarf plants were so prolific I couldn’t eat them all. I had to give away buckets of little red grape tomatoes. 

Not everyone has time or space to garden at home, but everyone who does should at least try it. It’s hugely rewarding, even if you’re just growing basil to make and freeze your own pesto. The boyfriend and I just finished off last year’s batch with dinner last night. With frozen pesto, I could make dinner in under 30 minutes. All I needed was time to cook the pasta, which was more than enough time to thaw the pesto. And you can make it with pretty much anything—some people use walnuts or pistachios instead of pine nuts, which are expensive, but the only other thing you need is a food processor. 

I’m not growing one tomato. I’m growing hundreds. Of the three varieties I have growing under lamps in my office, two are indeterminate, which means their productivity is only limited by their growing space and the length of the season. A packet of seeds is $1-$2, and I reused pots from last year, which were themselves mostly free. 

Growing your own food is the best way to understand and appreciate what goes into it. It’s a skill we should all have, or at least have access to. Because oh my god, these tomatoes are amazing. 

ETA: and incidentally, I probably wouldn’t need the grow lights if my house had any damn windows and I didn’t live in what might as well be England for all the sunlight we get. :/

I Love this!



I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t absolutely thrilled by the number of Tumblr people who are posting about starting gardens for the first time. I couldn’t possibly encourage you enough. You will be rewarded far beyond your wildest imagination. I am inspired by your curiosity.

I spent an hour of…

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5 Inspiring Gardening Quotes!


This update is a bit old now. This photo was taken two weeks or so ago.

Various C. chinense plants growing well, in a greenhouse Sensation Vitapod.